Outrageous CITs


We have a fantastic program for 14 and 15 year olds who are interested in becoming a camp counselor and learning more about kids. It's a balance of lots of fun with some learning and work along the way. It is very important that teens who apply are truly interested in engaging with the campers and having fun!

CITs are assigned to a grade level group for a week at a time, with a Group Director in charge. Each morning, the CITs meet with the CIT Director to talk about what's happened at camp that day and what they can help with in their groups. During those morning meetings, we also discuss weekly topics such as safety, communication, group games, and positive discipline. CITs have the opportunity to observe and practice skills throughout the week and then share with each other at the end of the week.

In addition, CITs who have participated in the program have also earned Student Service Learning Hours. The CIT Director will gladly help CITs complete SSL forms from their school. Best of all, many of our CITs have become counselors (and even Head Counselors and Directors) stayed with the Outrageous family!

If this sounds awesome and you are interested in having fun with kids and working towards becoming a camp counselor, click here, or click the button below!